IT Coordination

Central IT Services offer a great wealth of information and other resources for staff and students on their website.

Please consult for facilities provided by the Central IT Services, like VPN, EDUROAM, e-mail, ITIM passwords etc.

We are responsible for scientific computing and the IT infrastructure located at the English Department. Please contact us for requests specific to the English Department.

Consultation hours: Wednesday 10-12

Work schedule:
Roland: Mo, We, (Thu) -- IT Coordination
Hans Martin: Tue - Fri -- Scientific Computing, Statistics, IT Coordination

Please send all e-mail concerning English Department IT matters to This address is read by all of us and ensures a timely response.

Urgencies and emergencies:

Try to contact us via phone 43552. If you can't reach us at our office, please send a short description of your problem to We will react as soon as possible.

Plannable requests:

A short e-mail with your request/problem allows us to schedule our work in a more efficient manner and enables us to prepare for your request.
You may also pass by or call us during our Sprechstunde. Again, with a short e-mail in advance you will be much more likely to find us prepared for your problem.