Corona virus measures

Important information

Due to the corona virus, the library and reading rooms are closed.

The earlierst due date for all borrowed media has been set to June 8 (can be checked in your account in the Rechercheportal).
Until then, there will be no fines for the period of the lockdown.

We recommend using online access to eJournals and eBooks, databases and reference works and dictionaries. Instructions on how to access media online are provided below.

If no online version is available, UZH members (students and staff) can request scans of journal articles or book chapter etc. and order books free of charge to their homes. Instructions on how to order are provided below.

In case you need help with your research, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Please consult our website for current updates.

Online access


Connect to UZH-VPN


Search the Rechercheportal


Check if online access is available (you may need to click on "There are X versions of this item" first)

In column on the right "Filter & Sort", click on "Online (On Campus)" or "Online (Open Access)"


Look for titles with green "check online access"


Click on the title and then on "Online via SFX provided by UZH and ZB" ("... by ETH" or "... by Lib4Ri" do NOT work!)

OR: Directly click on "check online access"

(SFX) link opens


Next to publisher's name, click on the "Go" button


On publishers website, check for green access sign and download electronic version

OR: In the table of contents, click on chapter of interest, then download PDF version

 In case of trouble with online access, please send an email to

NEW: Without a VPN-connection to the UZH network, searching for e-media can be tedious because it isn't clear whether a particular item or publisher is licensed by UZH/ZB. Lean Library presents a solution to this problem. Please click on the link for more information and instructions for download and installation.

Ordering books and/or scans

1)  If no online version is available, check availability at ES in the Rechercheportal.
     Take a note of the title, author and shelf number.

2)  Place your request via email, using an UZH email address,
     to by quoting

your full name

your library card number

the shelf number, title and author of the book

- for book orders: your address

- for scans: please include page numbers or chapters

3)  Orders will be processed once or twice a week
     (usually on Mondays and/or Thursdays)

The earliest due date for all borrowed media is June 8.
Until then, there will be no fines for the period of the lockdown.

NB: If the book you are interested in is not available at the English Department Library or cannot be borrowed, please also check availability in other UZH libraries and ZB, which offer the same mailing service.



Main library HBZ (with links, mainly to STEM-publications)

- HBZ corona services

- HBZ e-media information in general


Central library (ZB)

- ZB mailing services during corona (charges for UZH staff and students will be revoked, provided you use/have used an UZH email address for your order; to avoid charges, please make sure that the email address in your Rechercheportal account is set to an UZH email address, either general or institutional)

- ZB offers online guidance for research to students (registration form)

- ZB additional e-media during corona

- ZB e-media information in general

- ZB information and instructions on Lean Library


Other institutions and special (cultural) offers

- MIZ (Medien- und Informationszentrum der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) offers
  free  access to their streaming film collection MIZ Video Online ( With
  the free SWITCH edu-ID, everybody can get access to 17,800 recordings of TV

- Netbib link collection to additional free cultural offers during corona