Oxford Scholarly Editions Online and Underground and Independent Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels

OSEO & Underground and Independent Comics

We are pleased to inform you about the recent upgrades to the two databases and encourage you to profit from the additional modules and volumes.

Underground and Independent Comics is the first-ever scholarly online collection for researchers and students of adult comic books and graphic novels including 75,000 pages of primary materials (the comics themselves), and more than 25,000 pages of materials about comics—interviews, commentary, theory, and criticism—from The Comics Journal and other secondary sources. Volume II  is the latest in the series adding 100,000 pages of important, rare, and hard-to-find works, scholarly writings. There is extensive coverage of the pre-Comics Code era horror, crime, romance, and war comics that fueled the backlash leading to one of the largest censorship campaigns in US history. Selections include works by visionaries such as Alex Toth, Boody Rogers, Fletcher Hanks, Steve Ditko, Joe Kubert, Bill Everett, Joe Simon, and Jack Kirby, along with essential series such as Crime Does Not Pay and Mister Mystery, and many others. (publisher information)

The lately acquired  OSEO modules of Renaissance, Shakespeare and Early 17th Century provide access to many authoritative scholarly editions, enabling you to browse texts by author, works and editons and to analyse them on an advanced interface.

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