Library Renovation during Summer Break - Update 24-06-2019

Limited accessibility of ES Library books and DVDs: 15 June - 15 September

As a consequence of the construction work in the library wing of PET, books in the reading room with the signatures Ga-Or will not be accessible at all between June 15 and c. September 15 (i.e. they cannot be taken out during this period), except for five days in mid-July (July 15–19, 2019).

All other books will be available, but not freely accessible. Instead, they will have to be pre-ordered via the ES library staff  at library(i.e. most of the bookshelves will not be accessible for students except C-E). Updated information will be made available at Library News.

What this means is that you need to plan your reading and research during the summer of 2019 particularly carefully, to ensure that you have access to the books and journals that you need. (Note: All instructors have been made aware of this, and some have asked the librarians to place some additional books on the reserve shelves in the ES library.) Please consult the library stack guides Holdings for the location of the sections.


  • Books in reading room Ga-Or: not accessible except 15-19 July

  • Books in Archive I, P-T: preorders for collection at intervals as permitted by building work via library

  • Linguistics section C-E: freely accessible

  • DVDs and VHS-Videos X: not accessible

  • Study desks and computers in linguistics section: accessible