book shelves, English Department Library

Library Holdings

The English Department Library is an open-stack library. Holdings comprise approximately 60,000 books relevant to the field of English Studies as well as numerous journals, audiobooks and films. 

Classification and Stack Guides

The library is organized into the following main sections:

A-B Bibliographies and Dictionaries
C-E Linguistics
G-O Culture, Literature and Criticism (Britain and Ireland)
P-Q Culture, Literature and Criticism
(American, Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literatures)
T Conference Proceedings, Journals, and Yearbooks
V-Z Nonbooks (DVDs, Videos, CD-ROMs, Audiobooks, Microfiches)

For a more detailed list see the classification outline

and the stack guides for locating the different sections:

linguistics (PDF, 103 KB) reading room (PDF, 109 KB) archive (PDF, 128 KB)

A full classification scheme (PDF, 472 KB), including all sub-categories, is available for download.


Online catalogue

All library holdings are recorded in the NEBIS online catalogue Rechercheportal

Card Catalogue

The card catalogue records all books acquired before 1996, and is still available for queries by author, editor or subject heading. The card catalogue was discontinued in 1996. Please note that the library's entire collections (pre- and post-1996) are recorded in the online catalogue.

card catalogue