Classification Outline


A Bibliographies
B Encyclopedias. Dictionaries
C General and Comparative Linguistics
D History of the English Language
E Focus on Modern English
G Culture, Society, Literature: History and Theory
H Geography, History, Society and Culture of the British Isles
I Renaissance, English and General
J History of English Literature, British Isles

English Literature (British Isles): Genre History and Criticism

L Secondary Literature on Multiple Authors (GB and Ireland)
M Secondary Literature on Individual Authors (GB and Ireland)
N Anthologies
O Primary Literature (Britain and Ireland)
P American Literature and Culture
Q Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literatures
R Non-English Literature
S Special Collections
SC Comics
SEP Separata (Newspaper Articles, Brochures, etc.)
SF Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection
SG Special Gift Collections
T Journals. Yearbooks. Festschriften. Conference Proceedings
V-W Audio Collection
X Film Collection
Y CDs and CD-ROMs
Z Microfiches, Microfilms