Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Daniel Schreier


Head of Department (Interim)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Schreier

Administrative Head

Dr. Katherine J. Williams


  • Personnel: Head of HR, coordination of job advertisments/applications
  • Finance: budget control
  • Communication: media, internal information flow
  • Strategic planning: academic report, evaluations; coordination with Faculty and the various bodies of the Department; organisation and minutes Institutsversammlung
  • Teaching: coordination of planning
  • Student administration: evaluation of Master applications

Substitution for Martin Mühlheim and Nicole Studer-Joho

Third-space Administrator
(Advising of Studies, Study Abroad)

Dr. Martin Mühlheim


  • Advising of Studies: advising of studies
  • Study abroad coordinator: in and outgoing students, transfer of credit
  • Course administration: course descriptions, booking of rooms, number and list of participants, entering of grades
  • Student administration: evaluation of Lehrdiplom applications; changes in booking and cancellation; transfer of credit (new UZH students)
  • Archive: Filing of exam sheets of compulsory courses
  • Infrastructure: furniture orders and organisation of maintenance work
  • Info events: Erstsemestrigentrag and Studieninfotag
  • Exam administration: Master Final Exams
  • Website: Update of "Studies" part, news items

Substitution for Katherine J. Williams (management, teaching/students) and Nicole Studer-Joho

Third-space Administrator
(Personnel, Finance)

Dr. Nicole Studer-Joho (Tue, Thu, Fri)


  • Personnel: change of address, change of employment status, new employments, work and residence permits, accident insurance
  • Finance: payment of invoices and expenses, cash management
  • Communication: update info booklet and staff poster
  • Teaching: collection of announcement sheets, planning and scheduling
  • Website: update staff info, news items

Substitution for Katherine J. Williams (personnel, finance) and Martin Mühlheim

Angelika Kapfer


Department Office

Angelika Kapfer, M.A.
sekretariat (a)


  • Secretarial office
  • Coordination of general student and external queries
  • Administration: update addresses, tutorials, order of office material, copy cards, keys
  • Exam administration: coordination of FachexpertInnen Lehrdiplom, coordination Reading List exam
Department Library

Katrin Eschenmoser, MAS IS