Gerold Schneider

Gerold Schneider, PD Dr.

Wissenschaftlicher Informatiker

Phone: +44 634 3552


Portrait and Research Interests

Gerold Schneider is a computational linguist, corpus linguist and English linguist.

His research interests include corpus linguistics, syntax, robust parsing, semantic mining, cognitive linguistics, digital humanities, automated media content analysis. He is scientific programmer, corpus linguist and senior lecturer at the Department of English, and senior lecturer (Privatdozent) and project leader at the Institute of Computational Linguistics (Gerold Schneider's webpage at CL).

He has worked as Substituting Professor of Computational and General linguistics at the University of Konstanz, substituting Prof. Dr. Miriam Butt from 2015 to 2017. He is a member of the Zurich Center for Linguistics (Zürcher Kompetenzzentrum Linguistik) and of the ARCHER consortium. Gerold is a member of the executive board of ICAME.

In the winter term 2017/18 he is working as Substituting Professor for German Linguistics at TU Dortmund.

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My Recent Publications related to the English Department (ZORA)


My Recent Publications related to the Insitute of Computational Linguistics (ZORA)