Lisann Anders

Lisann Anders, M.A.

Assistant to Prof. Barbara Straumann

Phone: 044 6343626

Curriculum vitae

Lisann Anders holds an MA in Screenwriting from the National University of Ireland Galway as well as an MA in English Literature & Linguistics from the University of Zurich. Her MA thesis discussed best friends in Shakespeare. Lisann's minors at the University of Zurich were Media & Communication and History.

After several years as a Language Skills & Culture tutor at the English Department, she is now a research and teaching assistant to Prof. Barbara Straumann. Her research interests include Shakespeare, American literature, crime fiction, and film.


PhD Project

Imagination of violence and a loss of communication are often linked in postmodern literature of New York City and especially anti-detective fiction of the time. Postmodern authors do not only often set their stories about the individual's relation to the crowd in New York but they re-imagine the city itself in uncanny and often Gothic ways, linking urban postmodernism to 19th century approaches towards the city and individuals. New York is a city that writes and rewrites its own history and its own narratives; it is a city that is constantly discovered, destroyed, and rebuilt in the American imaginary. The time chosen for this exploration of New York City ranges from the 1980s to early 2000s as these decades mark the epitome as well as a potential ending point of postmodernism and even more so, a turning point in the habits of communication due to a growing digitalization. The project focuses on the dichotomy of inter- and intra-personal communicative processes within the city space of the American imaginary and argues that the city triggers the imagination of violence due to an increase in virtualization and thus a decrease in face-to-face communication.


Other Projects

Other academic projects include research in the field of graphic novels and comics. The emphasis of these side projects is put on the representation of the city in Batman and Green Arrow.

Lisann is the editor of the academic blog Swisspeare, which publishes events and news on Shakespeare in Switzerland.


Lisann actively supports the arts by being an alumni as well as the founder of the Blueprint Masquerades, the former English Drama Group of Zurich.

She was also the director of the Zurich Shakespeare Festival 2016, which was launched by students of the English Department of UZH to commemorate Shakespeare's 400th death anniversary. The festival was supported by and worked closely together with the City of Zurich, the British Council, the Zurich Opera House and actor Jeremy Irons.



Spring 2020      Framing Shakespeare (BA seminar;                                                                                 Literary and Cultural Analysis: Intermediality)

Fall 2019           Tales of Fairies and Magic (BA seminar;                                                                        Literary Histories: Renaissance & Early Modern Period)

Fall 2018           The Hollow Crown from Page to Screen: Shakespeare's                                                 History Plays (BA seminar)

Fall 2017           Villains in Shakespeare (BA seminar)

Spring 2017       Psychopaths in the City (BA seminar)

Spring 2016       Best Friends in Shakespeare  (BA seminar)


Fall 2015 - Spring 2020     Textual Analysis  (BA seminar - basic module)

Fall 2015 - Spring 2020     Reading List (oral exam - mandatory BA module)



Edited Volumes

The Force of the Umbrella Academy (working title). McFarland, 2020.


Chapters & Articles

"Digital Methods and Visual Essays in the Classroom." Making the Grade: Reimagining the Graduate Seminar Essay. Ed. Kevin Morrison. Rowman & Littlfield: 2020 [in preparation; forthcoming].

"A Show of Illusions: Performing Villainous Magic in Shakespeare's The Tempest & Macbeth." To Prove a Villain: On the Performativity of "Evil" Characters in Anglophone Literature. Ed. Nizar Zouidi. Pelgrave Macmillan, 2020 [forthcoming].

"Fighting the Self: Inter- and Intra-Personal Communicative Violence in Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club." Self-Injury and Communication: The Body as a Medium for Messaging Distress and Resistance. Ed. Warren Bareiss. Lexington Books: 2019 [forthcoming].

"Trapped in the Body: The Fragmentation of Body & Mind in Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club." À Corps Perdu - The Body: Limits, Constructions, Intensity. Eds. Carlo Vareschi et al. Edizioni dell'Orso of Alessandria: 2019 [forthcoming].

"The Normal Abnormal: Identity Formation in the Circus Space." The Big Top on the Big Screen: Explorations of the Circus in Film. Ed. Teresa Cutler-Broyles. McFarland: 2019 [in print].

"Making Her Own Destiny: Disney's Diverse Females." 4th Wave Feminism in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Ed. Valerie Frankel. McFarland: 2019. 139-148.


Conference Papers

"Intertextual Spaces in Music: Disney's Enchanted, Beauty & the Beast, Tangled." Paper presented at the 116th Annual PAMLA Conference. Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA. 9-11 November 2018.

"A Song Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: Musical Numbers as Heterotopic Spaces." Paper presented at the Musical Moments Conference 2018. University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria. 8-10 March 2018.

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"The Dynamics of Community in the TV Show Community." Paper presented at the SANAS Conference 2016: American Communities: Between the Popular & Political. University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland, 04-05 November 2016.

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“Imagined Crimes: Between Reality and Madness.” Paper presented at the conference Captivating Criminality: Crime Fiction, Darkness, Desire? Bath Spa University, Corsham Court, UK, 24-26 April 2014.



"Introduction to William Shakespeare's Macbeth." Talk given at Theater Winterthur prior to the performance of Macbeth presented by TNT Theatre Britain, 12 December 2018.

"Show, Don't Tell...But Also Tell: From the Idea to the Visualization of a Short Film." Talk given at the ZFF72 as part of the 14th Zurich Film Festival. 28 September 2018.

"'Coz Shakespeare's dead but we're up here:' Teaching Shakespeare through Interactive Multi-Mediality." Talk given at the Alumni Colloquia of the English Department, University of Zurich, 28 August 2018.

"Introduction to William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew." Talk given at Theater Winterthur prior to the performance of The Taming of the Shrew presented by TNT Theatre Britain, 7 March 2017.



"Drama in the ELT Classroom." Workshop given as part of the Faculty Day English of the Canton of Lucerne. Kantonsschule Gymnasium Plus, Schüpfheim, 2 November 2018.

"Storytelling." Workshop given at the 1st Zuger Filmtage. 24 October 2015.



"400. Todestag des Grossen Barden." Interview Mike La Marr, SRF 1, 22 April 2016.

"Shakespeare Festival in Zürich." Interview Yael Textor, Science, Radio Stadtfilter, 2016.