ES Alumni Colloquia

The ES Alumni Colloquia take place in late August (Archive). They are aimed especially at Gymnasium teachers, but of course open to all former students.

Members of the Alumni Chapter English Studies can attend the ES Alumni Colloquia free of charge. For non-members, the fee is CHF 100.-

Note: All fees and donations will go to the ES Alumni Student Fund.

ES Alumni Colloquia 2019

The ES Alumni Colloquia 2018 will take place on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (at the English Department, Plattenstrasse 47).

Those wishing to participate can register via email (by Tuesday, August 6, 2019). Note: places are limited!

The ES Alumni Colloquia are free of charge for members of the Alumni Chapter English Studies. (To join the Alumni Chapter English Studies, go to

The ES Alumni Colloquia are also open to non-Alumni (registration fee: CHF 100.-).

Late registration is possible, but costs an additional CHF 50.- (for both Alumni Chapter members and non-Alumni).

6.30 p.m. Welcome
6.45 p.m. Session 1 - Linguistics

Dr. Melanie Röthlisberger

"Exploring Dialect Variation in Englishes World-Wide: How to Prepare Students for Linguistic Diversity"

7.45 p.m. Break
8.00 p.m Session 2 - Literature

Stella Castelli, M.A.

"Of Other Spaces: The Place(s) of Literature"

9.00 p.m. Drinks reception (with members of the Fachverein Anglistik FAVA)