Corpus Linguistics

ES Corpus Server

The ES Corpus Server provides access to corpus services for staff and students at English Department. The use of this facility is restricted to staff and students of the English department at the University of Zurich. By using the ES Corpus Server you agree to the terms set out in the agreement

Members of staff can use their ES credentials. Students can get access via their OLAT credentials (see  OLAT for details). Students make sure to consult the passwords section in OLAT coursefor access. The OLAT course also provides documentation, sample queries and short instructional video sequences. Please make use of these resources before contacting us.

Please bookmark this page for reference. Direct bookmarks to the services may change without further notice.



Use the new version of the ICE Corpora in the ICE Dependency Bank 1.0 for new ICE projects. Note, that there are new FM templates for the new version downloadable in the ICE Dependency Bank interface.

In case of problems with your credentials, mail

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