Documented Independent Project

Language of instruction



Students are expected to have successfully completed "Writing Skills and Popular Culture"


This module is designed for students who had to apply study-related knowledge and skills to a project that they themselves planned and implemented (or at the very least contributed to). It provides a framework to critically reflect upon their experience and demonstrate which theoretical and methodological implications can be deduced from their project work.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to: (a) transfer the skills and/or knowledge acquired in their subject and discipline to another field not necessarily related to the university; (b) critically reflect on how a particular field of academic knowledge and/or theoretical or methodological framework pertains to areas outside of the disciplinary boundaries of their subject.



Criteria for Projects

  1. project does not result from paid employment (possible exception: freelance journalism);
  2. project is not the direct outcome of a course at UZH (or any other university);
  3. students have/had a leading role in the project;
  4. skills and knowledge from English Literature and/or Linguistics play a significant role;
  5. project completed prior to the end of the semester in which the module is booked.

Examples for Projects

  • (co-)organizer of a student conference
  • leading role in an English-language theater project
  • portfolio of journalistic work (only material from publications with an editorial board, i.e. no blogs, open forums, etc.)
  • (co-)curator of a small exhibition


If you think that your project might meet the criteria outlined above, then you must get in touch with Nathalie Meyer and Martin Mühlheim (,

  • by January 31 for the spring semester;
  • by August 31 for the fall semester.

Note that places per semester are limited.