Independent Reading: Critical Debates

Language of instruction



Students are expected to be familiar with the core concepts of textual analysis and be experienced in the close reading of primary and secondary texts. They should have read a wide range of texts from all the literary periods from the Renaissance to the present, and they are also expected to have written term papers in (English) literature at Bachelor-level. Students are required to have good (written) academic English language skills (Level C1). Students are expected to have taken the Reading Literary and Critical Theory Module or an equivalent Master-level course elsewhere.


The self-study module Independent Reading: Critical Debates is designed for students who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge in a specialized field not offered by the regular curriculum. The module requires students to compile a reading list on a clearly defined topic of their choice. The list consists of a substantial number of theoretical texts; it can include literary and historical texts as well. In contrast to the corresponding Bachelor module, this work has to be done independently for the most part. The module will conclude with a 30-minute oral exam on the agreed reading list.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to: (a) do independent and comprehensive research on a clearly defined topic of their choice; (b) independently acquire specialized knowledge in the chosen area; (c) critically reflect the meta-theoretical debates that frame it; (d) exhibit the competence to elaborate on these issues in an appropriate academic register.