Project-Based Colloquium in English Literature

Language of instruction



Students are expected to be familiar with the core concepts of textual analysis and be experienced in the close reading of primary and secondary texts. They should have read a wide range of texts from all the literary periods from the Renaissance to the present, and they are also expected to have written term papers in (English) literature at Bachelor-level. Students are required to have good (written) academic English language skills (Level C1). Students are expected to have taken the Reading Literary and Critical Theory Module or an equivalent Master-level course elsewhere.


Colloquia tend to have a narrower focus than seminar classes, and the main emphasis is on the discussion and practical application of a limited set of concepts and/or a particular research method, including innovative/exploratory ways of teaching. Being based on a specific research project, this project-based colloquium is significantly more work-intensive than a regular colloquium.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to: (a) define a set of theoretical concepts and/or research methods related to the topic of the colloquium on an advanced level; (b) discuss the usefulness and problems that arise from applying these concepts to particular literary and/or cultural texts (or groups of texts); (c) apply the knowledge gained in the colloquium to a specific research project.