Master: First-Semester Students

Welcome (Back) to the UZH English Department!

Some of you have already done their Bachelor studies at UZH. For you, it should be relatively easy to organize your studies at Master level. Some of you, however, will have done their Bachelor studies elsewhere - and for you starting out a new university may well seem a little overwhelming.

This section of the English Department website is intended to make things a little easier for beginners - especially those who completed their Bachelor degree elsewhere.

In addition, you may want to have a look at the website of the Fachverein Anglistik FAVA, as well as the FAQ section of this website.

First Steps: Planning Your Schedule

At UZH, you will not receive a finished timetable. Instead, you will have to create your own timetable, based on the requirements of your Major and Minor, and depending on other things as well (e.g. on whether or not you study full-time).

You can find more information on selecting your first-year modules in English Literature and Linguistics in the Planning One's First Semester sub-section.

The full program requirements can be found in the section for For Advanced Students:

Student Groups

One important part of your studies is to get to know other students. A great way to do so is to join one or more of the UZH English Department Student Groups.

Overview of Subsections