Completed Research Projects

PhD Projects in English Literature (since 2007)

Name E-mail address Year Supervisor Title
Janser, Daniela 2008 E. Bronfen Taken Hostage! Die Geisel als amerikanische Symptomfigur. Von den puritanischen captivity narratives über die Schauerliteratur bis zum Action- und Horrorkino des 21. Jahrhunderts
Weber, Tobias 2008 E. Bronfen “On the Verge of To-day”: Emerson and the Emergence of the American Age
Binotto, Johannes 2010 E. Bronfen / T. Steffen Tat/ort: Das Unheimliche und sein Raum in der Kultur
Heller-Andrist, Simone 2010 M. Heusser / F. Gutbrodt The Friction of the Frame: Derrida’s Parergon in Literature
Piccitto, Diane 2010 A. Esterhammer / M. Lussier Dramatic Forms and Identity-Formation in the Works of William Blake
Steiner, Enit 2010 A. Esterhammer / A. Reddick / A. K. Mellor Jane Austen and the Civilized Woman: Moral Development and Gender
Langenbach, Juliane 2011 E. Bronfen / J. Schweinitz Gothic Shadowplays: The Evolution of Gothic Film and Its Visual Aesthetic from the Gothic Novel to the Cinema of Jacques Tourneur, Roger Corman, and Tim Burton
Enderli, Gabriela D. 2011 T. Steffen / E. Bronfen Dear Freedom: Imprisonment and the Death Penalty in Novels of the South
Schönfelder, Christa 2012 A. Esterhammer Wounds and Words: Childhood and Family Trauma in Romantic and Postmodern Fiction
Frey, Gabriela 2012 M. Heusser Private Goes Public - Brian Friel's Place in Anglo-Irish Literature
Bissig, Florian 2013 A. Esterhammer / A. Reddick Coleridge’s Communicative Modes: Poetry, Journalism, Conversation
Deiss, Mélanie-Chantal 2013 E. Bronfen / C. Ljungberg Deeply Superficial – Zur Re-Produktion von Andy Warhols Amerika-Images der 1950er und 1960er
Mühlheim, Martin 2014 M. Heusser / F. Gutbrodt Fictions of Home: Narratives of Alienation and Belonging, 1850-2000
Schönenberger, Petra 2014 A. Reddick / F. Gutbrodt Certainty and Confusion: A Study of Daniel Defoe's Narrative Psychology
Kollmann, Elizabeth 2014 E. Bronfen / T. Steffen Autobiography, A Life in Exile: A Study of Homelessness in Contemporary Life Narrative
Riquet, Johannes 2014 E. Bronfen / C. Ljungberg The Aesthetics of Island Space: Perception, Ideology, Geopoetics
Barwick, Kane - 2016 E. Bronfen / B. Straumann Darkness Repeating: A Derridean Analysis of Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend, Great Expectations and Bleak House
Müller, Tina - 2016 E. Bronfen / B. Straumann Visions in a Frame. A Study of Development Through Gaze Refinement in Dorothea Brooke, Isabel Archer, and Lily Briscoe
Caspar, Cyril L. 2017 A. Reddick / F. Gutbrodt The Last Pilgrimage to Eternity: Protestant Paths to the Afterlife in Early Modern English Poetry
Dreiding, Michelle 2017 M. Heusser / F. Gutbrodt Borderline Case. Toni Morrison’s Poetics of Liminality
Keller, Thomas 2017 E. Bronfen / B. Straumann A Practicological Modernism: Wyndham Lewis and British Art Rock
Binder, Sabine 2018 E. Bronfen / T. Steffen Women in Crime: Victims, Perpetrators and Detectives in Post- Transitional South African Crime Fiction. 
Ittensohn, Mark 2018 A. Reddick / A. Esterhammer The Frame Tale in Late Romantic Britain: Genre and Authorial Hybridity
Rivera Godoy-Benesch, Rahel 2018 M. Heusser / H-P. Zimmermann The Production of Lateness: Old Age and Creativity in Contemporary Narrative

PostDoc Projects in English Literature

Name E-mail address Year Venia Legendi / Title
Osterwalder, Hans 1989 English Literature
Gutbrodt, Fritz 1998 Modern Literatures in English and Comparative Literature
Steffen, Therese 1998 English and American Literature
Ljungberg, Christina 2008 English and American Literatures /
Diagrams in Narrative: Performative Strategies in Fiction
Straumann, Barbara 2014 English and American Literary Studies/
Embodied Voices: Female Performers in Narrative Fiction

PhD Projects in English Linguistics (since 2007)

Name E-mail address Year Supervisor Title
Bleichenbacher, Lukas 2007 A. Fischer / R. Watts Multilingualism in the Movies
Fleischmann, Christine   2007 A. Fischer/ G. Bossong “Pour Mwan Mon Lalang Matrenel i Al Avek Mwan Partou”: A Sociolinguistic Study on Language Attitudes Towards Seychellois Creole
Kellerhals, Ursina   2007 A. Fischer / A.H. Jucker “There’s no better way to fly.” Die Wirkung englischer Slogans in der Deutschschweizer Anzeigenwerbung
Pfenninger, Simone 2007 A. Fischer Existo, ergo sum: How English and High German Existential Concepts Came to be Different
Aeschbacher, Claudia   2008 A.H. Jucker / D. Schreier “are you still awake...?” Investigating the Contextuality of Personal Written Communication
Breustedt, Barb 2008 A. H. Jucker Prefabricated input in language acquisition: the syntax of storybooks
Klevarová, Darina   2008 A. Fischer Variation in Yod Pronunciation: A Comparative Study
Schneider, Gerold 2008 M. Hess Hybrid long-distance functional dependency parsing
Smyk-Bhattacharjee, Dorota 2008 A.H. Jucker / U. Fries Lexical Innovation on the Internet – Neologisms in Blogs
Seiler Rübekeil, Annina 2010 A. Fischer / E. Glaser From Spoken to Written Word: The Scripting of the Germanic Languages from a Comparative Perspective
Weinhold, Juliet Boege   2010 A. Fischer / D. Schreier Code Switching in School-aged Children: Elicitation and Typology
Zipp, Lena 2010 M. Hundt Exo- and endonormative models in Fiji – A corpus-based study on the dynamics of first and second language varieties with a focus on Indo-Fijian English
Baur, Michaela 2011 D. Schreier / A.H. Jucker English for Football Professionals
Fischli, Patrik 2011 A. H. Jucker / D. Schreier Metapragmatics in the foreign language classroom
Keller-Bolliger, Ruth 2012 A. Fischer / J. Oelkers Kommunikative Schreibkompetenz in der Fremdsprache erfassen und beurteilen
Landert, Daniela 2012 A. H. Jucker / M. Hundt The Personalisation of Mass Media Communication. Involving Settings, Private Content and Linguistic Immediacy in British Online News
Neurauter-Kessels, Manuela   2012 A. H. Jucker / M. Locher Impoliteness in Cyberspace: Personally Abusive Reader Responses in Online News Media
Studer-Joho, Nicole 2012 D. Schreier / O. Timofeeva Diffusion and Change in Early Middle English: Methodological and Theoretical Implications from the LAEME Corpus of Tagged Texts
Gardner, Anne-Christine 2013 M. Hundt / O. Timofeeva Derivation in Middle English: Regional and Text Type Variation
Hartmann, Claudio 2013 U. Fries / D. Schreier Pre-fabricated speech formulas as long-term memory solutions to working memory overload
Rathore-Nigsch, Claudia 2013 D. Schreier / V. Dellwo Dialect Variation and Change Among Twice Migrants: A Sociophonetic Study of the East African Indian Community in Leicester, UK
Wegmann, Monika 2013 A. Fischer Language in Space: The Cartographic Representation of Dialects
Neukom-Hermann, Anja 2013 M. Hundt Quantifier-Negation Interaction in English and German: A Comparative Corpus Linguistic Study
Honkapohja, Alpo 2013 O. Timofeeva “In hijs morbis non deberent procrastrinari”: a Linguistic and Codicological Study of the Sloane Group of Late Medieval Medical and Alchemical Manuscripts
Huguenin Dumittan, Arlette 2014 U. Fries Text Linguistics in Music Magazines and Webzines
Studer, Dieter 2014 A. Fischer A Preliminary Catalogue of Manuscripts Known to Contain Old English Dry-Point Glosses
Chang, Sophie 2014 A. H. Jucker Effects of Teachers’ Code-switching in the EFL classroom – A case study in Taiwan
Ulzega, Lenka 2015 D. Schreier Rhodesian English in London: Towards a sociolinguistic profile
Perez, Danae 2015 D. Schreier From Gringo to Guarango. Language Shift in a Former Anglophone Community in Paraguay
Leitner, Magdalena magdalena.leitner[at] 2015 A. H. Jucker Conflicts in Early Modern Scottish Letters and Law Courts
Staicov, Adina 2016 M. Hundt "I feel like I'm a born again Chinese - but kinda fake": Ethnic identity construction in San Francisco Chinatown's diaspora community
Staley, Larssyn 2016 A. H. Jucker Pragmatic Variation in Los Angeles Restaurant Service Encounters
Callegaro, Elena 2017 M. Hundt Parallel Corpora for the Investigation of (Variable) Article Use in English: A Construction Grammar Approach
Eberle, Nicole   2017 D. Schreier 'They're trying to hear English, which they are hearing, but it's Bermudian English'. Bermudian English - Origins and Variation
Ang-Tschachtli, Silja silja_t[at] 2018 S. Chevalier Bilingual couples in conversation

PostDoc Projects in English Linguistics

Name E-mail address Year Venia Legendi / Title
Bitterli, Dieter 2005 Englische Philologie / From Beast to Book: The Old English Riddles of the Exeter Book
Chevalier, Sarah 2012 English Linguistics / Trilingual Language Acquisition: Contextual Factors Affecting Active Trilingualism in Early Childhood
Biewer, Carolin 2013 Englische Philologie / South Pacific Englishes. The Dynamics of Second-language Varieties of English in Fiji, Samoa and the Cook Islands
Schneider, Gerold 2015 Applying computational linguistic methods to Text Mining and Descriptive Linguistics
Pfenninger, Simone 2016 Beyond Age Effects – Facets, Facts and Factors of Foreign Language Instruction in a Multilingual State
Timofeeva, Olga 2017 Language Attitudes and Language Identities in Early Medieval England