Claudio Hartmann


Prof. Dr. U. Fries

Pre-fabricated Speech Formulas as Long-term Memory Solutions to Working Memory Overload

The current research aims at corroborating the hypothesis that speakers under some sort of working memory pressure (deriving from cognitive tasks other than speech production itself) can use pre-fabricated speech formulas in order to maintain a fluent and task-specifically effective speech. Such formulaic speech can be observed in typical dual-task environments, where the speaker is engaged in another cognitive task (in addition to language production) that requires mental resources.

The linguistic data, an extensive collection of self-coded transcripts, is restricted to televised sports commentary of basketball. By integrating the formulaic structures from the data into a memory framework, we will be able to support the main hypothesis by showing that speech formulas are largely dependent on the unlimited capacities of long-term memory and therefore do not constitute additional burden on working memory's limited and shared capacity.