Helga Maria de Oliveira Grossmann


Prof. Dr. A. H. Jucker

Teacher Training Effectiveness: new Technologies in Training EFL Teachers

The main theme of this work is the relationship between teacher training effectiveness, new technologies, and the development of teachers’ reflective and practice skills. It will look at teacher training methods, at how teacher training methods can be assessed, here specifically teacher training methods using an online teacher training programme. It will also focus on how teacher training methods influence teaching and learning English as a foreign language (EFL).

All in all, the aim of this study is to present an understanding of the methods and process of training in distance-based teacher training so it can be a tool to be used in enhancing reflective teaching and training practices. The purpose of this work is also to suggest teacher training methods and their assessment through an online teacher training programme. It is believed that the designed online training programme when applied in training programmes could result in more effective teacher training and teaching.