Lic. phil. Frederik Martin


Biographical Note

Frederik Martin studied English Literature and Linguistics as well as History at the University of Zürich. He is currently working on a PhD thesis on George Orwell's dystopian fiction under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Allen Reddick. In addition, he is studying to become a secondary school teacher and he teaches English part-time.

George Orwell: Privacy, Surveillance and the Advent of the Information Society

A re-examination of George Orwell's writings on totalitarianism before the background of the Information Age. Research interests include the way in which interpretations are affected as the concepts of privacy and surveillance are being decentralized, the extent to which the functions of Orwell's novels may be compromised, and the consequences for the dystopian genre.

Research Interests

George Orwell, utopia, dystopia, totalitarianism, information, propaganda, surveillance