MA Josefina Tuominen


Biographical Note

Josefina Tuominen has a B.A. in German Philology from the University of Helsinki and an M.A. in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of Zürich. She is currently enrolled in the doctoral program for English and American Literary Studies and is working towards a dissertation on celebrity and genius in the Romantic period. Her supervisors are Prof. Dr. Allen Reddick and Prof. Dr. Angela Esterhammer.

PhD Project: Celebrity and Genius, 1800-1840: Byron, Clare, Landon

I study the celebrity culture of the early nineteenth century, with a special focus on the juxtaposition of celebrity and genius. Genius was seen as a quality possessed by true artists, who after their death would receive lasting fame, while celebrity was seen as the result of public interest in the individual artist and his or her life and personality, which was removed from appreciation for the art created by the individual. I analyze the literary journals and magazines from the period I order to discover how the images of writers as celebrities or geniuses were constructed, and the three writers I mainly focus on are Lord Byron, Letitia Elizabeth Landon and John Clare.

Research Interests

Romanticism, print culture, celebrity, genius, popularity, individuality