MA Lyutsiya Staub


Biographical Note

Lyutsiya Staub studied English Literature and Linguistics, Spanish Literature and Linguistics and Art History, receiving her BA (2009) at Moscow State Lomonosov University (completing parts of her BA studies at the University of Copenhagen, DIS Programme, Denmark) and Lizentiat/MA (2013) at the University of Zurich. She is currently writing her PhD thesis at the English Seminar under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Martin Heusser. Her research focuses on the re-presentation and re-interpretation of Impressionist figure paintings in contemporary art fiction. She is also completing the Teaching Diploma for Secondary Education and Matura Schools (completing parts of it at the UCL Institute of Education, London, England). In addition, she works as an ELT Consultant at Macmillan Education (Macmillan Publishers). 

PhD Project:Re-presentation and Re-interpretation of Impressionist Figure Paintings in Contemporary Art Fiction

The visual arts have always been a source of inspiration for writers, ever since classical antiquity up to the present. However, it seems that early twenty-first century literature, more than ever before, is geared towards visuality. The recent upsurge in the popularity of the word and image relationship is especially noticeable in the contemporary ekphrases of actually existing works of art, which challenge their historical and critical interpretations. Similar to the characters of the painter and the models, the artwork is transformed by the writer’s imagination and is re-presented in an intermedial artefact. The main interest of the projected study lies in one particular form and style of visual arts, Impressionist figure painting. This dissertation will explore how Impressionist figure paintings are re-presented and re-interpreted in contemporary ekphrastic practice. I will examine different types of intermedial encounters as well as their combinations used in art fiction in order to analyse to which extent the visual source is used in the text, which aspects of it are highlighted, which are omitted, what is added and why. 

Research Interests

Contemporary art fiction, intermediality, re-presentation, interpretation, ekphrasis, visual perception, Impressionism.