Lic. phil. Michael Maupin


PhD Project: Blood Narratives

Blood persists as one of the most potent tropes in American literature, film, and television. My dissertation will address the question as to how and why this might be so. It is my claim that the rhetorical malleability and universal appeal of blood tropes allow for the creation of a space in the cultural imaginary within which the anxieties and fantasies of a given historical period are not only negotiated, but through which they evolve. By looking at the way in which blood has been troped and retroped in a specifically American context, I will seek to come to terms with the question as to why the tropology of blood has proven to be such a durable site of negotiation for American culture.

Research Interests

20th and 21st century American and British literature, popular culture, critical theory, the Gothic, literature and crime, emotion and literature, cognitive literary studies

Conference Papers

"Use It or Lose It: Bodily Imperative in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian", ‘Precarious Bodies Doctoral Symposium’, University of Zurich (November 2012)

"Marginalizing the Mainstream in Dexter, True Blood and Grimm", Marginalized Mainstream conference, Goldsmiths, University of London (November 2012)

"It Is My Humour: Dexter, Shylock and the Psychophysiological Irreducible", Paranoia and Pain Conference, University of Liverpool (April 2012)

Other Academic Activities

Co-organizer of the Precarious Bodies Doctoral Symposium, University of Zurich (November 2012)