Lic. phil. Murièle Sarah Weber

Biographical Note

Murièle Weber graduated from the University of Zurich in 2014 with a Lizentiat/MA in English Language and Literature, Film Studies and Popular Literature. She wrote her Lizentitat thesis about the process of identity formation and the representation of the night in films titled: “Formations of Identity in the Night in Collateral, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Se7en.” She is writing for the Züritipp and the NZZ am Sonntag about film, music, theatre and culture.

PhD Project: In a State of Decay

Currently, she is working on her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bronfen and Prof. Dr. Barbara Straumann with the working title: “In a State of Decay”. Her dissertation will explore representations of decay in historical and contemporary literature, photography, film and TV series. It will examine how the chosen texts negotiate cultural notions of decay in order to investigate the intersections and tensions amongst the fields of aesthetics, human geography, psychology and identity theories. Her main research aim is to compare historical and contemporary notions of decay and to analyse how those notions negotiate themes that have come to the forefront during a time of crisis.

Research Interests

American cultural studies, American and British fiction, quality drama series, film (in particular midnight movies, queer cinema, blockbusters and the independent cinema) and cultural theory (in particular Michel Foucault, Slavoj Žižek and Julia Kristeva)