Lic. phil. Simone Höhn


Biographical Note

Simone Höhn studied Comparative Germanic Linguistics, English Literature and Popular Literature and Media at the University of Zurich. She is currently working as an assistant at the English Department and writing her PhD thesis on relationships in the novels of Samuel Richardson.

PhD Project: Relationships in the Works of Samuel Richardson

The novels of eighteenth-century author Samuel Richardson can be roughly described as love stories. However, they were also designed, as stated in the prefaces, to offer a commentary on and guidelines for the relationships of individuals to family, friends and society in general. This intention is borne out by the novels and by Richardson’s correspondence with readers. In my PhD project, I examine the network of relationships between the characters, including minor ones, and the concepts on which they are based. This will include examining how plot, style and didactic message influence each other as well as situating the novels in the context of contemporary novels and moral writings.

Research Interests

18th-century novel, concepts of virtue, English influence on German Enlightenment literature, screen adaptations, gender roles, Victorian literature, ethics and literature