Completed Research Projects

PhD Projects in English Literature (since 2007)

Name E-mail address Year Supervisor Title
Janser, Daniela janser [at] 2008 E. Bronfen Taken Hostage! Die Geisel als amerikanische Symptomfigur. Von den puritanischen captivity narratives über die Schauerliteratur bis zum Action- und Horrorkino des 21. Jahrhunderts
Weber, Tobias [at] 2008 E. Bronfen “On the Verge of To-day”: Emerson and the Emergence of the American Age
Binotto, Johannes j.binotto [at] 2010 E. Bronfen / T. Steffen Tat/ort: Das Unheimliche und sein Raum in der Kultur
Heller-Andrist, Simone simone.heller [at] 2010 M. Heusser / F. Gutbrodt The Friction of the Frame: Derrida’s Parergon in Literature
Piccitto, Diane diane.piccitto [at] 2010 A. Esterhammer / M. Lussier Dramatic Forms and Identity-Formation in the Works of William Blake
Steiner, Enit enit.steiner [at] 2010 A. Esterhammer / A. Reddick / A. K. Mellor Jane Austen and the Civilized Woman: Moral Development and Gender
Langenbach, Juliane juliane.langenbach [at] 2011 E. Bronfen / J. Schweinitz Gothic Shadowplays: The Evolution of Gothic Film and Its Visual Aesthetic from the Gothic Novel to the Cinema of Jacques Tourneur, Roger Corman, and Tim Burton
Enderli, Gabriela D. G.Enderli [at] 2011 T. Steffen / E. Bronfen Dear Freedom: Imprisonment and the Death Penalty in Novels of the South
Schönfelder, Christa christa.schoenfelder [at] 2012 A. Esterhammer Wounds and Words: Childhood and Family Trauma in Romantic and Postmodern Fiction
Frey, Gabriela gfrey [at] 2012 M. Heusser Private Goes Public - Brian Friel's Place in Anglo-Irish Literature
Bissig, Florian mail [at] 2013 A. Esterhammer / F. Gutbrodt Coleridge’s Communicative Modes: Poetry, Journalism, Conversation
Deiss, Mélanie-Chantal m_deiss [at] 2013 E. Bronfen / C. Ljungberg Deeply Superficial – Zur Re-Produktion von Andy Warhols Amerika-Images der 1950er und 1960er
Mühlheim, Martin m.muehlheim [at] 2014 M. Heusser / F. Gutbrodt Fictions of Home: Narratives of Alienation and Belonging, 1850-2000
Schönenberger, Petra petra.schoenenberger [at] 2014 A. Reddick / F. Gutbrodt Certainty and Confusion: A Study of Daniel Defoe's Narrative Psychology
Kollmann, Elizabeth elizabeth.kollmann [at] 2014 E. Bronfen / T. Steffen Autobiography, A Life in Exile: A Study of Homelessness in Contemporary Life Narrative
Riquet, Johannes johannes.riquet [at] 2014 E. Bronfen / C. Ljungberg The Aesthetics of Island Space: Perception, Ideology, Geopoetics
Barwick, Kane - 2016 E. Bronfen / B. Straumann Darkness Repeating: A Derridean Analysis of Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend, Great Expectations and Bleak House
Müller, Tina - 2016 E. Bronfen / B. Straumann Visions in a Frame. A Study of Development Through Gaze Refinement in Dorothea Brooke, Isabel Archer, and Lily Briscoe
Caspar, Cyril L. cyril.caspar [at] 2017 A. Reddick / F. Gutbrodt The Last Pilgrimage to Eternity: Protestant Paths to the Afterlife in Early Modern English Poetry
Dreiding, Michelle michelle.dreiding [at] 2017 M. Heusser / F. Gutbrodt Borderline Case. Toni Morrison’s Poetics of Liminality
Keller, Thomas thomas.keller [at] 2017 E. Bronfen / B. Straumann A Practicological Modernism: Wyndham Lewis and British Art Rock
Binder, Sabine sabine.binder [at] 2018 E. Bronfen / T. Steffen Women in Crime: Victims, Perpetrators and Detectives in Post- Transitional South African Crime Fiction. 
Ittensohn, Mark mark.ittensohn [at] 2018 A. Reddick / A. Esterhammer The Frame Tale in Late Romantic Britain: Genre and Authorial Hybridity
Rivera Godoy-Benesch, Rahel rahel.riveragodoy-benesch [at] 2018 M. Heusser / H-P. Zimmermann The Production of Lateness: Old Age and Creativity in Contemporary Narrative

PostDoc Projects in English Literature

Name E-mail address Year Venia Legendi / Title
Osterwalder, Hans jhosterwalder [at] 1989 English Literature
Gutbrodt, Fritz gutbrodt [at] 1998 Modern Literatures in English and Comparative Literature
Steffen, Therese t.steffen [at] 1998 English and American Literature
Ljungberg, Christina cljung [at] 2008 English and American Literatures /
Diagrams in Narrative: Performative Strategies in Fiction
Straumann, Barbara bstraum [at] 2014 English and American Literary Studies/
Embodied Voices: Female Performers in Narrative Fiction

PhD Projects in English Linguistics (since 2007)

Name E-mail address Year Supervisor Title
Bleichenbacher, Lukas Lukas.Bleichenbacher [at] 2007 A. Fischer / R. Watts Multilingualism in the Movies
Fleischmann, Christine   2007 A. Fischer/ G. Bossong “Pour Mwan Mon Lalang Matrenel i Al Avek Mwan Partou”: A Sociolinguistic Study on Language Attitudes Towards Seychellois Creole
Kellerhals, Ursina   2007 A. Fischer / A.H. Jucker “There’s no better way to fly.” Die Wirkung englischer Slogans in der Deutschschweizer Anzeigenwerbung
Pfenninger, Simone simone.pfenninger [at] 2007 A. Fischer Existo, ergo sum: How English and High German Existential Concepts Came to be Different
Aeschbacher, Claudia   2008 A.H. Jucker / D. Schreier “are you still awake...?” Investigating the Contextuality of Personal Written Communication
Breustedt, Barb barb.breustedt [at] 2008 A. H. Jucker Prefabricated input in language acquisition: the syntax of storybooks
Klevarová, Darina   2008 A. Fischer Variation in Yod Pronunciation: A Comparative Study
Schneider, Gerold gschneid [at] 2008 M. Hess Hybrid long-distance functional dependency parsing
Smyk-Bhattacharjee, Dorota dsmyk [at] 2008 A.H. Jucker / U. Fries Lexical Innovation on the Internet – Neologisms in Blogs
Seiler Rübekeil, Annina annina.seiler [at] 2010 A. Fischer / E. Glaser From Spoken to Written Word: The Scripting of the Germanic Languages from a Comparative Perspective
Weinhold, Juliet Boege   2010 A. Fischer / D. Schreier Code Switching in School-aged Children: Elicitation and Typology
Zipp, Lena lzipp [at] 2010 M. Hundt Exo- and endonormative models in Fiji – A corpus-based study on the dynamics of first and second language varieties with a focus on Indo-Fijian English
Baur, Michaela michaela.baur [at] 2011 D. Schreier / A.H. Jucker English for Football Professionals
Fischli, Patrik fchp [at] 2011 A. H. Jucker / D. Schreier Metapragmatics in the foreign language classroom
Keller-Bolliger, Ruth ruth.keller [at] 2012 A. Fischer / J. Oelkers Kommunikative Schreibkompetenz in der Fremdsprache erfassen und beurteilen
Landert, Daniela daniela.landert [at] 2012 A. H. Jucker / M. Hundt The Personalisation of Mass Media Communication. Involving Settings, Private Content and Linguistic Immediacy in British Online News
Neurauter-Kessels, Manuela   2012 A. H. Jucker / M. Locher Impoliteness in Cyberspace: Personally Abusive Reader Responses in Online News Media
Studer-Joho, Nicole nstuder [at] 2012 D. Schreier / O. Timofeeva Diffusion and Change in Early Middle English: Methodological and Theoretical Implications from the LAEME Corpus of Tagged Texts
Gardner, Anne-Christine anne.gardner [at] 2013 M. Hundt / O. Timofeeva Derivation in Middle English: Regional and Text Type Variation
Hartmann, Claudio claudiohartmann [at] 2013 U. Fries / D. Schreier Pre-fabricated speech formulas as long-term memory solutions to working memory overload
Rathore-Nigsch, Claudia claudia.nigsch [at] 2013 D. Schreier / V. Dellwo Dialect Variation and Change Among Twice Migrants: A Sociophonetic Study of the East African Indian Community in Leicester, UK
Wegmann, Monika m.wegmann [at] 2013 A. Fischer Language in Space: The Cartographic Representation of Dialects
Neukom-Hermann, Anja anja.neukom [at] 2013 M. Hundt Quantifier-Negation Interaction in English and German: A Comparative Corpus Linguistic Study
Honkapohja, Alpo alpo.honkapohja [at] 2013 O. Timofeeva “In hijs morbis non deberent procrastrinari”: a Linguistic and Codicological Study of the Sloane Group of Late Medieval Medical and Alchemical Manuscripts
Huguenin Dumittan, Arlette huguenin [at] 2014 U. Fries Text Linguistics in Music Magazines and Webzines
Studer, Dieter dieter.studer [at] 2014 A. Fischer A Preliminary Catalogue of Manuscripts Known to Contain Old English Dry-Point Glosses
Chang, Sophie sophie0425 [at] 2014 A. H. Jucker Effects of Teachers’ Code-switching in the EFL classroom – A case study in Taiwan
Ulzega, Lenka lenka.ulzega [at] 2015 D. Schreier Rhodesian English in London: Towards a sociolinguistic profile
Perez, Danae danae.perez [at] 2015 D. Schreier From Gringo to Guarango. Language Shift in a Former Anglophone Community in Paraguay
Leitner, Magdalena magdalena.leitner [at] 2015 A. H. Jucker Conflicts in Early Modern Scottish Letters and Law Courts
Staicov, Adina staicov.adina [at] 2016 M. Hundt "I feel like I'm a born again Chinese - but kinda fake": Ethnic identity construction in San Francisco Chinatown's diaspora community
Staley, Larssyn larssyn.staley [at] 2016 A. H. Jucker Pragmatic Variation in Los Angeles Restaurant Service Encounters
Callegaro, Elena elena.callegaro [at] 2017 M. Hundt Parallel Corpora for the Investigation of (Variable) Article Use in English: A Construction Grammar Approach
Eberle, Nicole   2017 D. Schreier 'They're trying to hear English, which they are hearing, but it's Bermudian English'. Bermudian English - Origins and Variation
Ang-Tschachtli, Silja silja_t[at] 2018 S. Chevalier Bilingual couples in conversation

PostDoc Projects in English Linguistics

Name E-mail address Year Venia Legendi / Title
Bitterli, Dieter dieter.bitterli [at] 2005 Englische Philologie / From Beast to Book: The Old English Riddles of the Exeter Book
Chevalier, Sarah sarah.chevalier [at] 2012 English Linguistics / Trilingual Language Acquisition: Contextual Factors Affecting Active Trilingualism in Early Childhood
Biewer, Carolin carolin.biewer [at] 2013 Englische Philologie / South Pacific Englishes. The Dynamics of Second-language Varieties of English in Fiji, Samoa and the Cook Islands
Schneider, Gerold gschneid [at] 2015 Applying computational linguistic methods to Text Mining and Descriptive Linguistics
Pfenninger, Simone simone.pfenninger [at] 2016 Beyond Age Effects – Facets, Facts and Factors of Foreign Language Instruction in a Multilingual State
Timofeeva, Olga olga.timofeeva [at] 2017 Language Attitudes and Language Identities in Early Medieval England