PhD Projects: Linguistics

Name Email address Supervisor Working title
Egli-Dürsteler, Mirjam mirjam.egli-duersteler[at] D. Schreier English in Nepal: Second language, foreign language or lingua franca?
Keller, Jonas jonas.keller[at] O. Timofeeva The Loss of Grammatical Gender in English. A Contact Phenomenon?
Markovic, Milan milan.markovic[at] D. Schreier to be announced
Meyer, Nathalie nathalie.meyer[at] A. H. Jucker Massively multimodal communication and space: A case study of video game livestreaming
Oppliger, Rahel rahel.oppliger[at] M. Hundt

Complex referring expressions in dialogue: Interaction and language change(working title)

Petkovic, Saša sasa.petkovic[at] D. Schreier to be announced
Schmalz, Mirjam mirjam.schmalz[at] A. H. Jucker & D. Schreier

Perceptions of English varieties in St. Kitts: From colonial standards to local norms (working title)

Van Driessche, Laetitia laetitia.vandriessche[at] M. Hundt to be announced
Vogelsanger, Johanna johanna.vogelsanger[at] O. Timofeeva

Rhyme as a factor in the adoption of French Loanwords in Middle English

Willimann, Sophie sophie.willimann[at] M. Hundt Variation in subject argument expression in written English (working title)