PostDoc Projects: Linguistics


Name Email address Working title
Gardner, Anne-Christine anne.gardner[at] Self-corrections, Identity and Social Relationships in Late Modern English Ego Documents
Hild, Adelina Adelina[at] to be announced
Honkapohja, Alpo alpo.honkapohja[at] A Corpus Approach to Manuscript Abbreviations
Landert, Daniela daniela.landert[at] Historical Corpus Pragmatics: Epistemic and Evidential Stance in Early Modern English
Leitner, Magdalena magdalena.leitner[at] Advice exchanges in the present and past
Röthlisberger, Melanie melanie.roethlisberger[at] Modeling language contact in World Englishes and beyond (working title)
Seiler Rübekeil, Annina annina.seiler[at] Glossaries: Lexicography in the English Middle Ages
Studer-Joho, Nicole nstuder[at] Middle English Grammatical Treatises: The Dialectal Perspective
Zehentner, Eva eva.zehentner[at]

Modelling the network of prepositions in verbal argument structure: A diachronic constructionist approach (working title)

Zipp, Lena lena.zipp[at] Stance as a pervasive concept in studies of style, attitudes and identity construction in spoken Englishes