Coronavirus measures

Important information

Please read the information on this page carefully to avoid safety hazards and unnecessary waiting and consult our website for current updates.
Follow the current safety measures at all times!

New measures from September 20

Covid certificate and mask required for access to the department library

  • From September 20, a valid covid certificate is required for use of the department library (e.g. use of reading room, computers, copy room etc).
    This requirement applies to all users (students, members of staff and external users).
  • Exception: Users who only want to borrow or return books do NOT need a certificate.
  • All visitors are required to wear a face mask at all times.
  • Workspaces: We are back to full capacity of study places in the reading room and linguistics section. To use a study place, you do NOT have to make a reservation, but you need to be able to show a valid covid-certificate.
    Some study places can still be reserved in the booking system.
  • Please check the UZH-catering facilities here ZFV
  • All other regulations as set out below remain unchanged.

More relevant information on UZH measures, vaccination and testing and on the covid certificate in general.

Opening hours from September 20

Library and reading room
Mon-Fri  8:00 - 18:00

Service desk
Mon-Fri  9:30 - 18:00

Safety measures

You are not allowed to enter the building when showing any symptoms of illness.

Please approach the building from Pestalozzistrasse for access to offices and teaching rooms. The glass door on the other side of the building is reserved for visits to the library. Hand and surface disinfectant will be provided.

You are required to wear a mask when entering the library (as is the case for all UZH buildings) - please bring your own!

wear a mask

Keep the required 1.5m distance to other people at all times and take note of the instructions and signposting on site.

keep your distance

Please note that the copy machine/scanner can be used, but due to space restrictions and ventilation requirements, only one person is allowed to enter the copy room at any time.

General information

When the service desk is not staffed, visitors can use the book box for returns and the self check-out at the computer on the left at the top of the reading room.

In case you prefer not to travel, you can return books by post. In this case, please send off the books a few days early so that they arrive in time before fines are issued.

We still recommend using online access to eJournals and eBooks, databases and reference works and dictionaries. Instructions on how to access media online are provided below.

In case you need help with your research, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Booking of study places at ES library

Booking of study places is no longer required, but still possible for a few places.
In case you want to book your study place beforehand, please make your reservation in Booked-UBZH.

Users are asked to bring their own computer if at all possible.

Study places can be used to follow online classes as long as no other users are disturbed (e.g. you need to use headphones and cannot talk in the reading room).
For active participation in online-classes, you need to book a place in one of the two closed-off sections at the top of the reading room.

If you need to conduct corpus searches and want to book a place in advance, please state this under "Bemerkungen" in the booking tool.

If you change your mind about using a research place, please cancel your reservation up to an hour in advance.

Please note: External users who wish to use this service must send their booking request by email to as the booking tool can be accessed only by UZH members.

Other study places

Information on the availability and reservation of study places at other UZH libraries can be found on the HBZ website.

Online access


Connect to UZH-VPN


Search the swisscovery


Check if online access is available (you may need to click on "There are X versions of this item" first)

In column on the right "Filter & Sort", click on "Online (On Campus)" or "Online (Open Access)"


Look for titles with "available online" links


Click on the title and then on "Online provided by UZH and ZB" ("... by ETH" or "... by Lib4Ri" do NOT work!)

OR: Directly click on "check online access"

online link opens


Next to publisher's name, click on the "Go" button


On publishers website, check for  access sign and download electronic version

OR: In the table of contents, click on chapter of interest, then download PDF version

 In case of trouble with online access, please send an email to

NEW: Without a VPN-connection to the UZH network, searching for e-media can be tedious because it isn't clear whether a particular item or publisher is licensed by UZH/ZB. Lean Library presents a solution to this problem. Please click on the link for more information and instructions for download and installation.

Main library HBZ (with links, mainly to STEM-publications)

- HBZ corona services

- HBZ e-media information in general

Central library (ZB)

- ZB offers online guidance for research to students (registration form)

- ZB additional e-media during corona

- ZB e-media information in general

- ZB information and instructions on Lean Library