In order to borrow books from the English Department library, users need a valid student identity card, a library card from the Zentralbibliothek, or from another Swiss university library.

New students are required to register with swisscovery

online Einschreibeformular für neue Benutzer (deutsch)

online registration form for new users (English)


The standard loan period for books is 28 weekdays. This period is automatically extended five times if the book is not recalled by another user. Items can also be extended online in the user account, provided that there is no reservation. Extensions beyond 168 days are not possible.

Volumes in great demand (green dot)   7 weekdays
Audio cassettes and audio CDs  7 weekdays
Videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs       7 weekdays

Outside office hours or as an alternative to our personal checkout service borrowers are asked to access the swisscovery self check service at the designated computer in the reading room. Please follow the steps in the short guide next to the computer or on the display and remember to have your library card on you.
Library users must not take out books or other media without checking them out properly! If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask the librarians.

Non-circulation materials

The following materials are not available for loan:

Books with a red dot on the shelf mark (exceptions are possible on special request)
Books on the reserve shelves
Periodicals, journals and separata


All borrowed items have to be checked in at the information desk, or at the librarians’ offices U 105/106. If both desk and offices are closed, please use the book box at the information desk. Users are asked not to return any items directly to the shelves.

Fee for overdue books

Borrowers will be charged an overdue fee.

1st reminder                                         CHF 5
2nd reminder      CHF 10
3rd reminder CHF 15

If the borrowed items are not returned within 14 days after the third reminder, the borrower will be charged the costs for replacement and additional administration fees. All fees are charged per item. 


Borrowers will be charged for any damage to the borrowed items including highlighting or writing into the books.