Bachelor 60 ECTS First Minor in English Linguistics and Literature with specialisation in Literature

  Foundation Studies (30 ECTS) Vorlesungsverzeichnis    
Compulsory Introduction to Linguistics I & II Ling. 8 ECTS
Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology Ling. 2 ECTS
English Literature: Textual Analysis I & II Lit. 8 ECTS
Language Skills and Culture: Introduction I & II LSC 12 ECTS
  Main Studies (30 ECTS) Vorlesungsverzeichnis    
Compulsory History of Literature in English I & II Lit. 3 ECTS
Reading List English Literature Lit. 3 ECTS
Language Skills and Culture: Advanced I LSC 3 ECTS
2 Bachelor Seminars Literature with paper Lit. 12 ECTS
Elective Free choice from the following modules in Lit. or LSC:
Lecture (3 ECTS), Colloquium (3 ECTS), Practical Class (Übung, 3 ECTS), Bachelor Seminar (3 or 6 ECTS) or Guided Reading (3 ECTS). 

Important Note:
For administrative reasons, the results for Bachelor seminars with 6 ECTS are not credited at the end of the semester in which the course takes place, but one semester later. This means that students should not plan to attend Bachelor Seminars with 6 ECTS in their final semester.