Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor Thesis Seminars

In the semester prior to the one in which they intend to write the Bachelor Thesis in English, students must book a Bachelor Thesis Seminar. (Note: Each student can only book one Bachelor Thesis Seminar per semester.)

Bachelor Thesis

A Bachelor Thesis (Bachelorarbeit Englisch, 9 ECTS) is required in all major programme options (see the regulations in the Framework Ordinance §§ 44–45). The thesis module in English can be booked only in the semester after the successful completion of a preparatory Bachelor Thesis Seminar (3 ECTS) in either English Literature or English Linguistics. The thesis is a longer piece of independent work (c. 8,000 words), and therefore it is recommended that students gain as much writing experience as possible in their chosen field before attempting the Bachelor Thesis. The thesis topic will be taken from the same field as the Bachelor Thesis Seminar in which the preparatory work is done. The Bachelorarbeit Englisch will be assessed by the Bachelor Thesis Seminar instructor. The Bachelor Thesis is a graded module.

The Bachelor Thesis cannot be booked online. Instead, students must submit the following form one week prior to the end of the official module booking period (date of email or postmark):

Bachelor Thesis Booking Form

Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Note: The Bachelor Thesis needs to be submitted to your instructor by calendar week 15 in the spring semester, and by calendar week 44 in the fall semester.