Important Dates

For an overview of important dates, please consult the relevant section on the Studiendekanat website.

Semester Dates

The semester and holiday dates are available on the University website.

Dates for Course Enrolment

Dates for course enrolments and booking deadlines for all modules in Bachelor and Master courses can be found in the section on Module booking or by consulting the relevant section on the Studiendekanat website.

Dates for Graduation Registration

Bachelor and Master students must register to graduate at the end of the semester in which they hope to complete their studies. This must be done during the following periods: Spring semester, 15-30 March; and Autumn semester, 15-30 October. Registration is activated by clicking on the relevant button on the online Leistungsübersicht, and by sending in the form which can be downloaded there. More information is available on the Faculty website.