Information for Bachelor/Master Students

Students must have completed their Bachelor degree before starting their Lehrdiplom studies in English. Please consult the relevant subsection for more information on the application process and admission requirements.

Lehrdiplom candidates must fulfill the stay abroad requirement before being allowed to book the module Fachdidaktik I. For details, please consult the stay abroad subsection.

Lehrdiplom candidates must also complete the Sprachkompetenzprüfung Englisch before being allowed to book the module Fachdidaktik II. For details, please consult the subsection on the Sprachkompetenzprüfung.

In order to complete their Lehrdiplom studies, students must fulfill some minimum requirements in the field of English Studies. These are outlined in the section on completing the Lehrdiplom.

Important: Please read all the information on this page and the various subsections carefully before contacting us. Also, note that the Lehrdiplom Rahmenverordnung and Studienordnung are the legally binding documents. General information on the Lehrdiplom program can be found at