Master of Arts in English Linguistics


Ideally complementing your Bachelor studies, the Master of Arts in English Linguistics at the University of Zurich offers you a thorough knowledge of English linguistics and a critical awareness of approaches and methodologies. The programme is set up to develop creative, critical, intellectual, and communicative skills, preparing graduates for a wide range of professional settings and providing them with research training and preparation for a possible subsequent doctorate.

Why an Master of Arts in English Linguistics at Zurich?

  • largest professorial staff in Switzerland
  • largest English-studies library in Switzerland
  • access to the Zentralbibliothek, Switzerland’s largest library
  • great thematic range
  • wide variety of possible combinations of topics
  • supportive teaching and learning environment
  • preparation for independent research at PhD level
  • attractive location in Zurich’s city centre: easy to reach, close to cafes and refectories, libraries, museums, cultural centres.

We offer a wide range of subjects in English linguistics. Our particular areas of expertise include:


  • Language variation and change
  • Dialectology
  • Global English
  • Contact linguistics (Contact dialectology, Pidgin and Creole linguistics)
  • Varieties of English, better- and lesser-known


  • Historical pragmatics
  • Cognitive pragmatics

New Media / Mass Media

  • Hypertextlinguistics
  • Language of mass media

English Historical Linguistics

  • For example, historical syntax

Corpus linguistics

  • Corpus-based synchronic and diachronic description of English