PhD in English: Old Program

Note: This page and the corresponding sub-pages contain information on the old PhD programs (PVO 2009). For the current programs, consult the English Department's PhD Overview page.

The Basics

The English Department offers two different types of courses of study for doctoral students (both in Linguistics and in Literature):

  • the Doktoratsstufe (doctoral studies), which requires you to write a PhD thesis and earn 12 ECTS (i.e. credit points).
  • the Doktoratsprogramm (doctoral programs), which requires you to write a PhD thesis and earn 30 ECTS.

Application Procedure

For prospective doctoral students, the first step is to contact a potential supervisor (i.e. a Professor in either Literature or Linguistics) and present your thesis idea. You can submit an application for doctoral studies as soon as you have found an advisor.

More information on the application procedure for doctoral studies and programs at the University of Zurich can be found at

(Among other things, this page contains information as to how the application process for candidates holding a degree from the University of Zurich differs from the process for candidates with a degree from another university. Important information is also contained in the application form that you can download from this webpage.)


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