Doctoral Program Linguistics (30 ECTS)

Doktoratsprogramm Linguistik

The English Department is involved in the University's Doktoratsprogramm Linguistik, alongside the Departments of German and Romance Languages. Students participating in this program are required to write a doctoral thesis and to gain 30 ECTS (i.e. credit points) by attending courses, workshops, conferences, etc. The program offers:

  • travel grants
  • international guest teachers
  • financial support for field trips and study abroad
  • workshops
  • networking with other doctoral students in Linguistics
  • cooperation with the Linguistisches Internationales Promotionsprogramm (LIPP) in Munich (

Further information can be found on the official website for the doctoral program in Linguistics: The program's website also provides information about supervisors' research interests:

Application Procedure

The first step is to contact an instructor at the institute in one's field of study and present one's thesis idea. Further information on the application procedure for doctoral programs at the University of Zurich is available at:

(Among other things, this page contains information as to how the application process for candidates holding a degree from the University of Zurich differs from the process for candidates with a degree from another university. Important information is also contained in the application form that you can download from this webpage.)


Until August 31, 2011, the English Department also participated in the Pro*Doc "Sprache als soziale und kulturelle Praxis" PhD program in collaboration with the Department of German and the Universities of Bern and Basel. This program is now closed.