Language Skills and Culture: Introduction

Language of instruction



All courses are conducted and examined in English. Students are therefore required to have written English of at least B2 level and spoken/comprehension skills of at least C1.


The "Language Skills and Culture: Introduction" module is a two-semester module that consists of weekly classroom sessions (Übung) and an accompanying fortnightly lecture. The classroom sessions take place every week and have two main foci: academic writing skills and cultural studies. The writing skills component introduces and practices the key competences required to write academic essays in English such as writing introductions, main body paragraphs and conclusions; illustration and elaboration of ideas; coherence and cohesion; argumentation and critical thinking skills; and focused work on common language difficulties. The cultural studies element examines key topics in cultural studies such as national identity, postcolonialism, multiculturalism, gender, class, sexuality and the consumption of culture. They are closely based on the accompanying fortnightly lectures, and re-examine, consolidate and expand upon the ideas presented there.

Learning outcomes

Students can structure an argumentative essay, independently research and use academic support, and write cohesively in an appropriate academic register. They can critically analyse sociological developments and cultural texts.


Lecture, classrooms sessions, tutorial