Stay Abroad Portfolio

Language of instruction



Students need to have passed the module "Language Skills and Culture: Introduction"


Students who have spent six or more consecutive weeks (i.e. min. 42 days) in one particular Anglophone region compile a research-based portfolio consisting of four parts: (a) a short account of their stay abroad, in the form of a report that goes beyond mere narrative (i.e. which includes some meta-level reflection on the experience); (b) a brief presentation of one linguistic feature of the local variety of English, in a format that would be accessible to non-specialists; (c) an encyclopedia-style entry about one literary text or author from the region; (d) a short journalistic text on one key cultural and/or historical dimension of the Anglophone area in question.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to: (a) summarize research from the fields of literary studies, linguistics, and history; (b) present their findings in different text types and for different audiences.