Adjustments Due to COVID-19

Assessments and Code of Honor

The UZH Faculty of Arts has prepared a Code of Honor that aims to ensure that all assessments can be conducted in a fair and transparent manner. Details may be found in the PDF provided below (which are also available at ).

Note: By submitting any type of assessment, you automatically declare that you accept the stipulations made in this document.

UZH Faculty of Arts: Code of Honor (German) (PDF, 93 KB)

UZH Faculty of Arts: Code of Honor (English) (PDF, 92 KB)

English Department: Overview of Adjustments

The English Department has compiled an overview of all adjustments to course assessments due to COVID-19. The aim is to provide students with all the information they need to decide whether or not they would like to cancel any modules during the additional cancellation window from May 4 to 17, 2020.

For details on the additional cancellation window and other issues, consult the information provided by the Faculty of Arts.

Overview of Adjustments: Bachelor (PDF, 73 KB)

Overview of Adjustments: Master (PDF, 48 KB)

If any of the information in the documents provided above is unclear, please contact the course instructor or the advisor of studies.

Teaching Diploma: Stay Abroad Requirement & COVID-19

Please consult the corresponding subsection on the ES website for more information about the Stay Abroad requirement for the Teaching Diploma (Lehrdiplom).