Bachelor of Arts in English (Regulations until and incl. Spring 2019)

General Description

English Studies at the University of Zurich comprises subjects in the fields of both English Literature and English Linguistics. 

In English Literature, we are concerned with literature written in the English language (especially that of Great Britain and the United States) from the early modern period to the present day. In the field of English Linguistics, we examine spoken and written forms of the English language, from its origins to today, and we also examine the literature of the Middle Ages. 

The Majors

A major in English Literature and Linguistics (HF 120 or HF 90) allows students to acquire a broad knowledge in both Linguistics and Literature, as well as the ability to think in a methodical and scientific way. In addition, the course ensures improved proficiency in the English language, especially with regard to English as an academic language, and furnishes students with an understanding of cultural and regional issues in Great Britain and the United States in particular.

The Minors

Those who choose to study English as a first minor subject (NF 60) receive a solid overview of both English Literature and English Linguistics at the Foundation Studies level. Once this has been completed, students may opt to continue with the balanced Literature and Linguistics Main Studies (this is the ideal option for those who are interested in later teaching English as a second subject) or they may specialise in just one of the two fields. As with all other courses of study in English, advancement in English language competence and in the understanding of the cultural and regional issues of the two main English-speaking countries are integral parts of the subject.

Note: As of spring 2017, it is no longer possible to start the NF 30. (Students who are already enrolled in the NF 30 are allowed to complete it.)

Further details about the respective courses and their regulations can be found in the:

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