This page explains what counts as plagiarism, and it also presents the legal basis at UZH for measures to detect and penalize plagiarism.

A form for the declaration of authorship ("Selbständigkeitserklärung") is available in the Downloads section.

What Is Plagiarism?

The following seven points, detailing what constitutes plagiarism, are taken verbatism from the "Factsheet concerning plagiarism" by the University of Berne (June 2012):

  1. Submission of a work produced to order by another person under one’s own name (“ghost writing”).
  2. Submission of the work of another author under one’s own name (“full plagiarism”).
  3. Submission of the same work, or parts of it, for different examinations or seminars, or submitting of identical manuscripts, or parts thereof, for publication purposes to a number of editors without marking the passages concerned (“self-plagiarism”).
  4. Translation of foreign language texts, or parts of foreign language texts and handouts and pub-lishing these as one’s own texts without indicating the source (“translation plagiarism”).
  5. Borrowing of sections of texts from another author’s work without using a citation to clarify the source; this also includes the use of sections of texts taken from the Internet without indicating the source (“copy & paste plagiarism”).
  6. Borrowing of sections of texts from another author’s work and slightly adapting or restructuring the text without marking the source with a citation ( “paraphrasing”).
  7. Borrowing of sections of text from another author’s work, possibly paraphrasing and citing the relevant source, but not in the context of the section or sections of text borrowed (e.g.: hiding the plagiarised source in a footnote at the end of the work).

The procedure for dealing with plagiarism follows the regulations of the "Studienordnung (allgemeiner Teil) für das Studium in den Bachelor-und Masterstudiengängen an der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich (vom 28. September 2018)" (StO), § 11:

Plagiarism StO

As indicated in §11.5 above, this procedure is in turn based on the regulations of the "Rahmenverordnung über die Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge an der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich (RVO PhF) (vom 27. August 2018)," § 30:

Plagiarism RVO