Study Abroad

Spending time in English-speaking countries is recommended for everyone who studies English; for Lehrdiplom candidates it is mandatory.

Going Abroad

You can either plan your stay on your own, or you can compete for one of the exchange positions offered by the ES every year.

Study and teaching abroad programs for UZH students

All students interested in having the course work that they have done abroad accredited will be required to complete a so-called Anrechnungsvereinbarung.

This form must be signed by the Study Abroad Coordinators of all the departments concerned, i.e. by the Study Abroad Coordinator of the English Department for courses potentially being accredited to your English studies. You can find more information as well as the link to the form on the website of the Studiendekanat.

Contact: Outgoing and Incoming Students

Postal Address:
Nathalie Meyer, M.A.
Plattenstrasse 47
8032 Zürich
Office Phone: +41 44 634 35 58

Office hours: by arrangement

Students from Other Universities

Students from outside Switzerland who would like to study in our department should check the website of the International Office of the UZH to find out which exchange programme would be suitable for them.

Exchange students who have already been accepted by the UZH can find more information in the subsection for incoming exchange students.

Visiting students, i.e. students who organize their stay in Zurich independently, are kindly requested to consult the website of the Admissions Office. Those who have already applied for a place and been nominated by their home university to study with us, and visiting students who have been admitted to study at the UZH will find the following information helpful.