Inbound Exchange Students

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all exchange students who have decided to come to Zurich and study at the UZH English Department.

First Steps

You can find some useful information on studying at the UZH in the FAQ for inbound exchange students and in the English Department information sheet:

English Department: Welcome to the UZH! (PDF, 469 KB)

Please contact Nathalie Meyer, M.A., the English Department's study abroad coordinator, at, if you have any questions.

Standard of Language Proficiency

If you intend to take courses in the English Department and if English is not your native language, you are expected to have a standard of proficiency in English at the level C1 of the Common European Framework (CEFR). Please cf. the following table for corresponding test results (cf. information by the Admissions Office):


For Incoming Students:

Certificate Required Points or Title
TOEFL - Paperbased 600
TOEFL - Computerbased 250
TOEFL - Internetbased 100
Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) CPE
Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) CAE

Certification of English skills can also be provided by the language center of your home university.

Choice of Courses

Before you arrive, you should familiarize yourself with our FAQ for inbound exchange students and with our course programme to get an idea of what courses to sign up for. Please check the online course catalogue.

Make sure the button at the top right of the page states the term you are coming for, HS = “autumn term” (Herbstsemester), FS = “spring term” (Frühjahrssemester).

Choosing your Courses

Before you choose your courses please note:

  • If you have not yet completed your Bachelor degree, you cannot sign up for a Master course.
  • If you stay for one semester, make sure to check with the department's study abroad coordinator whether or not you are allowed to take courses that run for two semesters.
  • If you successfully complete a lecture course, you will be awarded credit points but usually not a grade. Check with your home university beforehand to determine whether or not they accept credit points without a grade.
  • The course “Guided Reading” is intended for advanced students already studying for a Master degree.

Please discuss your course options and your selection with the study abroad coordinator of our department, Nathalie Meyer, M.A. (, via e-mail.

You should visit her office as soon as possible after your arrival or at the latest in the first week of term to finalize your decision and sign a departmental learning agreement. Only after she has approved your choice and signed your learning agreement are you allowed to attend your chosen courses.


Once your choices have been finalized and approved by the study abroad coordinator, you will be officially enrolled in your courses. She will help you with the enrollment.

Credit Point Transfer

The learning agreement is a kind of contract which states which courses you are allowed to take, how many credit points you will be awarded upon successful completion of these courses, and what manner of assessment will be employed for each course.

Agreement from Home University

Check with your home university that they approve of your choice of courses for your time with us and how many credit points you will be awarded for these courses when you return. Different universities award different numbers of credit points if they use different credit point systems. Your home university will convert our points into their system.

UZH Transcript of Records

After your stay with us, a transcript will automatically be sent to you, once all of your exams and term papers are corrected. Please note that all of your results, including any failed and unfinished courses, will be listed. Do not forget to leave the address to which your transcript is to be sent with the Kanzlei when you leave Zurich. This will either be your home address or (especially for most British students) the address of the study abroad coordinator. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the appropriate address (i.e. whether home or university) is provided. Usually, the transcripts will be sent out at the beginning of the following term.

Student Life

The best way to find friends is to join one of the our three student groups:

The UZH also offers many other opportunities for students:

For more information on life at the UZH, visit

Late Arrival

We expect you to be with us from the first day of term and to have contacted the study abroad coordinator in the first week of term at the latest. If you are prevented from being here for the beginning of term for whatever reason, you should contact the coordinator in advance to let her know. If you arrive after week two, it may be impossible for you to get a place in your chosen courses.