Other Study Abroad Places (Open to All Students)

The University of Zurich offers a number of further exchange programs with other universities.

These exchange programs are not exclusively reserved for students at the English department and competition for individual places may differ greatly. In our experience, however, the chance of getting accepted at one of these places is quite good.

Two Types of Exchange Programs

Students who do not wish to apply to one of the places reserved for students of English have two alternative options:

  • apply to a place in a so-called worldwide agreement via the international relations Office
  • apply to a place included in the so-called Diverse Verträge via the international relations Office (except for Aberdeen!)

It is advised to use the Mobility-Online portal to search for all possible exchange places for your study subject.

How to Apply

Applications for worldwide agreements and Diverse Verträge have to be made via the International Relations Office. Further information about the process and the deadlines can be found on the website of the International Office.


If you wish to apply for places reserved for students of English AND for places offered via the International Relations Office, i.e. whenever at least one of your three choices is an English-students-only place, you will need to adhere to the English Department deadline (December 1) to hand in your application via Mobility Online. Late applications will not be considered.