Language and Teaching Assistants in the UK and the USA

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Language Assistants UK (Movetia)

This program is offered annually to students interested in teaching German (or French) to secondary school students in Britain. Before applying you must have completed two years of University study and have either German or French as a native language. You teach 12 hours weekly (preparation time for the lessons is in addition to the 12 hours teaching time) for about nine months (from October to May in England and Wales; from September to May in Scotland and Northern Ireland) for an income that should cover your cost of living. Accommodation and travel expenses are your responsibility.

You can download the information that was presented at the UZH's Study Abroad Study 2019 below.

Movetia Language Assistant Programme UK 2019 (PDF, 174 KB)

Applications have to be submitted to Please see the following website for more information and application forms:

Teaching Assistants USA (Amity)

This program is similar to the Language Assistants UK program.

The Amity program allows students to spend up to one academic year teaching language classes (and sometimes classes on European culture) at grammar schools, high schools, or, in rare instances, at universities in the USA. Applications can be made all year round but the best time is toward the end of the autumn semester.

For further information, please read the Amity webpage, particularly the section on "interns".