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English Department The Liberian Literature Project

"Brief Notes on Liberian Literature" (1979)

Two Short Excerpts

While a copy of the article is not currently available, two excerpts about the great Liberian author Bai T. Moore are quoted in:

Brown, Robert H. "A Short Analysis of Bai T. Moore's Poetry and Prose Writings." Liberian Studies Journal 17.1 (1992): 94-104.

  • "Many readers prefer Bai T. Moore's poetry about the common people- their loves, romantic dreams, struggles for survival, failures and successes ...." (Khasu 8; qtd. in Brown 94).
  • "In his works, one begins to detect a full embrace of the concern, suffering, styles and even language of the masses around him. ... But even Moore occasionally slips into the tendency of  putting the language of the elite into the mouths of the workers and peasants, the masses who are the main characters in most of his works. A good example of this occasional relapse can be seen in his novels, Murder in the Cassava Patch and The Money Doubler. In these works, there are honest attempts by Moore to faithfully capture the language and sensibility of the masses against the background of our Western education and lifestyles." (Khasu 8; qtd. in Brown 103)

Bibliographical Information

  • Kona Khasu, "Brief Notes on Liberian Literature." Monrovia: University of Liberia, 1979.

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