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The Mushroom and the Poet

A withered mushroom stood
lonely in the desert sun
the old poet
cast his shiny eyes
wondering why the mushroom
had grown brown and black in places
from those distant places
pristine thoughts of timelessness
exhumed themselves from the poet's mind
approaching from the rear
the old man dragged his sun-heated body
lazily as if the flesh and bones were separate
the old man quickened his pace
while the desert sand groaned
under his feet
he gazed
the immense distance
spread itself before him
his visionary spirit
perceived a timeless
region of youth and age
he hung his head and was silent.


Khasu, Kona. “The Mushroom and the Poet.” The Seeds of Time: A Collection of Poems. Mimeographed typescript. Monrovia, 1971. 12.

Editorial Changes

Line Typescript Changed to
4 cast his shinny eyes cast his shiny eyes
9 exumed themselves from the poet's mind exhumed themselves from the poet's mind
13 the old man quicken his pace the old man quickened his pace

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