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The Question






Shall we take a walk
a walk along the sandy
white beach
with its shells
and sea wonders
the rolling frolicking waves
bid us welcome
to a shore long made strange
the shore now merely a midget
dune of sand
once towered the lofty heights
as if to touch the sun
make itself into the sun
become the sun
shine like the sun
drive away the clouds
what sands are here
that would not let my leg go?
I shall let it pull me more
I shall yell for the strong waves
which will rush the dunes
back into the sea
fishes have need for sand
waves have need for sand
sand has need of the fishes and waves
they were born to live together
they are inseparable
no sand
no sea
the sea through the waves
washes the sand
keeps it white
the sand washes the sea
keeps it pure
they live in remarkable harmony
they live for each other
the sand is the beach
the sea is the other

                                              (to be continued)
                                              November 6, 1966


Khasu, Kona. “The Question.” The Seeds of Time: A Collection of Poems. Mimeographed typescript. Monrovia, 1971. 24–25.

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[title] THE QUESTION The Question
23 fished have need for sand fishes have need for sand

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