Programme Overview

The conference will take place in room KOL-G-217.

9.30h - 9.45h  Welcome and Conference Opening
9.45h - 10.15h Paper 1: Dieter Studer (University of Zurich)
"Old English Dry-Point Glossing: When, Where, Why?"
10.15h - 10.45hPaper 2: Nadine Boller (University of Lausanne)
"Language Motivation in Isolation. A Case Study of Arslanbob"
10.45h - 11.15hCoffee Break
11.15h - 11.45hPaper 3: Franziska Thurnherr (University of Basel)
"'How can I offer support?' Identity construction and relational work in email counseling"
11.45h - 12.15hPaper 4: Kira Boulat (University of Fribourg)
"Are you committed? A pragmatic account of commitment and commitment attribution"
12.15h - 13.30h Lunch Break
13.45h - 14.15hPaper 5: Florent Perek (University of Basel)
"Cross-constructional determinants of syntactic productivity"
14.15h - 14.45hPaper 6: Gerold Schneider (University of Zurich)
"Using an automatic parser as a psycholinguistic tool"
14.45h - 15.15hCoffee Break
15.15h - 15.45hPaper 7: Richard Zimmermann (University of Geneva)
"Dating hitherto undated early English texts based on text-internal criteria"
15.45h - 16.15hPaper 8: Martin Hilpert (University of Neuchâtel)
"A new look at asymmetric priming and its role in language change"
16.30h - 17.15hBusiness Meeting
From 18.00h  Conference Dinner: Restaurant Commihalle