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Digitisation of the Mary Hamilton Archive: Diaries

The following are the digital images of an excerpt of Mary Hamilton's diary, produced at the University of Manchester Library.


Reproduced by courtesy of the University Librarian and Director, the John Rylands Library, The University of Manchester.

This excerpt has been transliterated using TEI-conformant XML mark-up, including a header containing meta-information on the diary entry.

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Lady Mary Hamilton; Diary Entry 13.08.1784 (excerpt)

Page 1

13tḥ August 1784 □□□ Friday
Breakfasted wṭ Anna Maria - at 10
oClock dreſsd for yẹ day. at 11 Miſs
came she sat an hour with
me - brought me a very polite in-
vitation from her Aunts to come
wṭ Mrṣ Delany & Ken Wood to
dine there. shepleased me very
much by telling me I was a great
favourite with of her fathers (Lord
. Mṛ Sandford came &
She left me. he read to me whilst I work'd the
debates in yẹ House of Lords yester-
day Lord Stormonts speeches etc. etc.
A Maria join'd us. he ask'd me
to go & see yẹ Air Balloon at the
Lyceum -- I agreed provided Miſs
wḍ accompany us - A.M.
was not well enough having a
pain in her back. Miſs Clarke
Consented & we set out - it was
not a pleasant walk as we were
obliged to walk through a part of
yẹ Strand - & yẹ day very hot.
However it was worth our walk
& gratified my curiosity as I
had not yet seen one of these
curious Vehicles - the Balloon
Page 2

is a perfect Sphere of abṭ 33
feet in Diameter & 102 feet in
Circumference. it contains 18200
Cubic feet of inflammable Air
& composed entirely of oil'd silk
the Colors are Green & Red in
parts thus□□□

[Here: drawing of balloon, with
basket, oars and wings.

Writing on drawing:

[on balloon:]
yẹ silk join'd by
strong stitching

[right hand side of balloon:]
Oil silk cases
or pipes Through
wcḥ yẹ inflammable
Air is convey'd by
large bellows at yẹ end

[left hand side, above upper oar:]
yẹ Oars are net works
wtḥ flaps of
oil silk

[left hand side of basket:]

[right hand side, above wing:]
Wings +

[right hand side, below wing:]
+ are on each side
& directed by yẹ persons
in yẹ Gallery

[left hand side, above lower oar:]
Loose Oars
wcḥ are held

[below lower oar:]
in hand
yẹ □□□ of yẹ wings & □□□ □□□ of yẹ oil'd silk

Page 3

The Gallery contains one pair of
Wings, wcḥ are raised high, & move
horizontally, for yẹ purpose of in-
creasing yẹ Motion it receives from
yẹ Wind: also one pair of Oars, wcḥ will
move vertically; & are meant to
raise or depreſs yẹ Balloon at yẹ
pleasure of Aerial Travellers.
Mṛ Lunardi & an English
Gentleman will ascend into yẹ
Atmosphere. I saw a Genteel
handsome looking Young Man who
they told me was yẹ english Gentleman
who was to go up. the King & Queen
are to see This B: ascend. it is to
be conveyed to Chelsea Hospital Garden
from whence it is to □□□ be
launched. Tickets are iſsued at
yẹ Lyceum at 1 Guinea, ½ a
G: & a Crown. entitling yẹ bearer
to an admiſsion into yẹ Gardens
of Chelsea Hospital
on yẹ day yẹ
Balloon is to be launched, & also
to a sight of it before it leaves
yẹ Lyceum.- we gave 1 Shilling
a piece.
Page 4

After having seen this curious Machine
& been made very sick by the horrid
Smell of
it. I was rejoiced to breathe
even yẹ Air of yẹ Strand. in coming
home I went into two Shops buying
a Morng. Gown & Threads etc. -
Met Mṛ Jackson & Colḷ Stephens
spoke to both (Colḷ S: is one of yẹ
Prince of Wales's Equerries) he seem'd
to stare at Mr S- & wonder who I was
flirting with - we got home ¼ past
3 - Mṛ S- took his leave. I
desired him to make my excuses
for not waiting on MrṣDelany this
Morng., & also to tell her as she was
to have Company I wḍ not come
to her in yẹ Afternoon, for I felt
so exhausted with my walk that
I was sure I should not be able to
stir out. A:Maria & I sat together
till dinner time - din'd comfortably
at home. A.M. play'd two or 3 leſsons
after dinner - we separated from 6
till 7. Miſs C's & I □□□met
to tea - amused ourselves with
writing - etc. at 8 o'Clock Mṛ Sandford
came with Mrṣ Keenes Coach with full

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